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Sang-Eun Lee born in 1967



Assistant Professor majoring in Painting of SangMyung University


2014   D.F.A. in Painting, Kukmin University, Seoul

2005   M.F.A. in Media Design and Culture Technology,

         The Yonsei Graduate School of Communication & Arts, Seoul

1992   M.F.A. in Printmaking, Pratt Institute, NewYork

1990   B.F.A. in Painting, Seoul National University, Seoul


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Solo Exhibition

2015   Weaving Time, SangMyung University Museum, Seoul

2014   The 10th KwangHwaMoon International Art Festival Invited Exhibition,

         Sejong Center, Seoul

         Time Flow, Hoam Faculty House, Seoul

2013   Solo Exhibition for the doctor's degree, Gallery Grimson, Seoul

         JangCheon Art Gallery, Seoul

2012   The 8th KwangHwaMoon International Art Festival Invited Exhibition,

         Sejong Center, Seoul

         JangCheon Art Gallery, Seoul

2009   SongEun Gallery, Seoul

2006   Digital+Analog, Gallery Bomcafe. Gwacheon/ Moonshin Museum. Seoul

2004   Gallery Alt, Seoul

2003   MA Gallery , Fukuoka, Japan

2000   Gallery Artside, Seoul

1999   Gallery Moin, Seoul

1995   Gallery Indeco, Seoul

1994   Gallery Icon, Seoul

1993   On Gallery, Seoul

1992   Higgins Hall Gallery, NY / Gallery Meegun. Seoul


Selected Group Exhibitions

2015   Art Edition,Hotel Art Fair, Marko Polo Hotel, HongKong

2014   The 28th Asis International Art Exhibition,

         Kinmen Cultural Park Historical Folk Museum. Taiwan

2013   The 27th Asis International Art Exhibition,

         Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center, Bankok GIft from Present, Seoul

         Square Media Canvas. Seoul

2012   Spring Color, Gallery Toast, Seoul

         Reason for Sense, Gangneung Museum of Art

         2 Sides of Asia, Ankara Gallery, Kara, Turkey

2011   Introductions from Morning Calm, Ann 330 Gallery. LA

2010   Taegeuk-Searching for the Global Circle, Korea University Museum. Seoul

2009   Sensitivity & Abstraction, Cyart Gallery. Seoul

         Color Therapy, Noon Gallery. Seoul

         Color x Art x Play, Goyang Oulim Art Gallery. Goyang

2008   Delta National Small Prints Exhibition. Bradbury gallery. Jonesboro

         Meta-Reality, Gallery Euro. Seoul

2007   Selected Artist by Baum Gallery, Baum Gallery. Seoul

         Chicago Art Open 2007. Iron Studio. Chicago



2012   Selected Artist of Art Bank of National museum of contemporary art

         Selected Artist by Songeun Gallery 2009 for One Man Show

2009   Selected Artist by Foundation for Arts and Culture

2008   DNSP Marge & Thomas Schueck Purchase Award

2006, 2007   The 1st Selected Artist by Moonshin Museum New Work

2003   The 1st ART SEOUL Selected Artist by Artlink Gallery

2000   Selected Artist Drama House opening

1995   Selected Young Artists invited by Hankukilbo

1993   Selected Artist ARTFOLIO '94 WINNERS, New York


Public Collections

Seoul Museum of Art

The Hospital of Seoul National University Seoul/Bundang

Arkansas State University Permanent Collection

The Hospital of Seoul National University Seoul / Bundang

Jewelry City

HanGil Medical Foundation

La belle Pause Maternity Care Center / Dear. Reina Maternity Care Center mural work

Korea Rental Corporation